Avondale’s New Defibrillator Unveiled by Mayor of Aylesbury

On Friday 24th January, we were pleased to welcome the respected Mayor of Aylesbury Mike Smith to unveil our new automatic external defibrillator.

The device, which has been installed to our front porch, was bought as part of our continued support of our local neighbourhood. During the unveiling, Raz Vadana, our clinical specialist manager, explained to everyone how imperative it is to have a defibrillator nearby, for residents of Avondale and the wider community alike. A person’s chances of survival can be reduced by up to 10% for every minute it takes for this device to reach them and to deliver a shock. The resulting high energy shock or defibrillation to the heart of the person in cardiac arrest aims to return the heart to its normal working state.

Our home manager, Shaun Canavan, said of the unveiling: “The home was honoured to welcome the mayor to unveil our new defibrillator and we hope those in our local area will feel safer knowing that there is one close to hand.