Residents Receive Special Artwork from Local Nursery Children

We were the proud recipients of some lovely artwork from our friends at Green Lane Nursery in Buxton who wanted to let us know how much they missed us!

Prior to lockdown, the children from the nursery were visiting us every Thursday morning as part of our ongoing intergenerational project, joining us to participate in fun activities with our residents. This weekly visit has become a much-loved staple of our leisure and wellness programme and many of our residents ensure they don’t miss out. The children have the ability to lift our spirits, will chat endlessly with our residents and add such a liveliness to our home that we’re all sad to see them leave each week. There is nothing like the sound of children laughing and chattering away to bring a smile to our faces.

Maureen is pictured with the beautiful drawing the children created especially for us – as we slowly return to normality, we can’t wait to see our favourite guests once again.