Hartfield House Goes Globetrotting

During the month of August, we adopted a ‘summer holiday’ theme and brought the customs and cultures of other countries into our home for residents to participate in and enjoy.

As many people won’t have the chance to get away this year, we thought diving into the music, language, history and food and drink of a different destination each week would help us feel like we were on our holidays. Residents chose the location, both international and domestic, to explore each time and our first stop was Cornwall.

We explored the folklore and food of the region, ate Cornish cream tea and ice cream washed down with some refreshing cider before making our way to Italy. We learnt how to say simple greetings in Italian, explored Sorrento, Venice and Florence and made pizzas.

Our next stop was a little further afield – Australia – learning about the country’s history, virtually exploring the land and learning about the diversity of the native animals. We also made didgeridoos and held a quiz on Australian history.

In the next few weeks, we plans to visit a whole host of other countries including Spain, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Japan and India. We have had a fantastic time sampling different food, learning lots of facts and virtually visiting destinations we haven’t seen before. We can’t wait to keep globetrotting!