Head Chef Cooks Up a Storm

In recent months, our residents have been joining our head chef Paul for cooking classes, centred on a new country and cuisine each time as we make our way around the world. Sometimes we’ve revisited a country where we loved the food and at other times, we have visited an entirely new place with a whole new cuisine to tantalise our tastebuds.

In our recent sessions, we have hopped across the pond to both France and Italy, countries that many of our residents have visited. Paul, our head chef, is extremely talented and our residents love to join him as he cooks up a feast. Our leisure and wellness team dress up the room in keeping with the theme and our residents have a keenness to dress up too, donning berets and other items of costume.

On our trip to Italy, we made homemade pizzas with different toppings, tried Italian wines and sampled classic gelato for dessert. During our afternoon in France, we tucked into sweet pastries and delicious cheeses with fresh baguettes.