Residents Walk Laps for National Alzheimer’s Day Fundraiser

Our latest charity venture was for National Alzheimer’s Day during which we raised a whopping £600 by doing a sponsored walk. 

Residents from all suites took it in turns to do laps of our beautiful gardens, ensuring they kept to their bubbles and that everyone had the opportunity to participate in the fundraising. We took the laps very seriously indeed and even our 101 year old resident was out early in the morning to start her walk. We were lucky to have lovely weather as well enabling us to get out into the gardens, with some residents choosing to do one lap whilst others achieved three or four.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to the cause, which is very dear to our hearts here at Savernake View and an even bigger thank you to those who participated. Everyone showed buckets of enthusiasm and a keenness to get involved and it’s been a fantastic focus for all of us.