Residents Cross the Globe to Connect With Loved Ones

We have been adjusting to life in lockdown and in this day and age, we are fortunate enough to have access to Skype or FaceTime, allowing us to stay connected with our loved ones. Whilst this doesn’t compensate for physical presence, the benefits we have seen from this type of communication are phenomenal!
We have brought together families from all corners of the globe, with international video calls to Hawaii, Australia, America, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, Austria and many more . It’s reassuring for both residents and their families to see one another and a huge number of calls have left our residents feeling overwhelmed with joy. During the calls we have seen storytelling, house tours, instrumental recitals and pets.
Pictured is one of our lovely residents and her three children on a group Skype call. This is a thrice weekly fixture for her and she really looks forward to the days when she gets to talk to them.