Lilian’s 100th Birthday to Remember

Lilian is a much-loved member of our home so with her 100th birthday approaching, we wanted to make sure this was a birthday to remember despite the slightly unusual circumstances we found ourselves in.

At Wiltshire Heights, we love any excuse to throw a party but this time around, we had to tailor the celebrations to observe the lockdown rules whilst still ensuring Lilian celebrated her milestone birthday exactly as she wished. We decorated her room putting up a beautiful banner made by her family whilst our residents each made a posy with the help of the leisure and wellness team to gift to the birthday girl. Our talented kitchen team created a delicious birthday cake befitting such a special occasion and the children of a local junior school sent in homemade birthday cards which sat proudly in Lilian’s room alongside her card from the Queen!

Lilian has lived with us since 2017 but was born and brought up in Leeds, living there until she retired before moving to Wiltshire to be closer to her daughter. Her parents ran a fish and chip shop and paid for her to go to college where she did well, training to be a teacher. She went on to become the Headteacher of a junior school until she was 60.

Lilian married Harold in 1944 with whom she had two children, Heather and Nigel and has six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren!

When asked how she felt about turning 100, Lilian said “I never thought I would get there but now that I’m 100, I don’t feel any different. I feel the same as I did when I was 20.” Lilian’s secret to living to 100? She says she has always taken good care of herself and has always gone to bed at 9pm every night. And of course, having a happy marriage helps too.