NAPA’s National Day of Conversation at Wiltshire Heights

One of the categories in this year’s Porthaven Garden Challenge was to create a flower bed reminiscent of one grown during the war and to grow flowers to be used in table decorations. Fuchsias were in abundance in our flower bed and we thought these delicate flowers would be perfect for this purpose.

Residents made their beautiful table decorations in ornate paper cups in the design of a cup and saucer which tied in very well with an event we participated in – NAPA’s National Day of Conversation and Connect Tea Tuesday.

Socialising over a cup of tea is always something we look forward to and we incorporated this event into our leisure and wellness programme three times to make sure every resident had the opportunity to participate. Our chef made some beautiful homemade cakes and we had our best china in use for the occasion. Question cards were created to help the conversation flow and we encouraged residents to speak to those they didn’t know as well, all from a distance.

The aim of the day was to recognise and celebrate the importance of conversation and connection and we had a superb day!