Residents Create One of a Kind Bumper Art Book

We have been taking part in a very special project recently, as we have been creating a one of a kind book containing original poetry, artwork and memories.

As everyone knows, we love to get stuck into a new project and with Christmas coming up, we thought it would be a lovely idea to create something that we could gift to the nurseries and schools in our community. They have been so kind to us over the last few months, sending us videos and art to make us smile and we wanted to create something they could enjoy too.

One of our residents, Mary, is a brilliant poet and penned all of the poems that feature in our book. There are also photos taken by the Wiltshire Heights Photography Club and pictures of paintings and items that we’ve made for other occasions such as floral displays and handmade crafts. We asked our residents to think of any fond childhood memories and words of wisdom they’d like to include too.

The book started out as something our residents could devote their time to and as a tool for expressing their creativity but it has become much more than just a project. The book has now been professionally printed, in both hardback and paperback, whilst there is a Kindle version available as well. We also had the opportunity to send it off to The South Bank in London as part of their ‘Art by Post’ initiative. As we had originally planned, we intend to give our book to some of the schools and nurseries in Bradford on Avon and we can’t wait to see how the children react to our very first published piece! 

Listen to an interview with Mary from the BBC Radio Wiltshire ‘Make A Difference’ show: