RHS & South West In Bloom Recognise Homegrown Success

Over the course of the last few months, we have been undertaking a gardening project growing an assortment of vegetables and we’re very proud to have had our efforts recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

We have grown an array of things, enjoying every step of the process – from sowing the seeds in a number of different containers to tending to the plants and picking them for our kitchen team to cook with. Our home-grown produce was delicious and our residents enjoyed sampling their wares at mealtimes. 

As acknowledgement for our horticultural efforts, we have received a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ from the RHS and South West in Bloom as well as receiving a ‘Certificate for Feeding your Community’. We’re extremely grateful to be recognised for our hard work, which really isn’t hard work at all. As anyone familiar with our home will know, our residents love to be outdoors in the garden and it’s often used a tool to connect with our local community. Just last year, the Trowbridge Police Cadets joined us to create ‘Cadet’s Corner’, a sensory haven for residents and visitors to enjoy. Getting out into the garden, enjoying the fresh air and having a project to focus on is beneficial for everyone and we relished every second of it.