Wiltshire Heights Annual Awards Ceremony

On the 14th January, our residents here at Wiltshire Heights in Bradford on Avon joined us for our annual award ceremony.

Throughout the year we enjoy a range of activities including carpet bowls, skittles, netball, quoits and darts. Everyone in attendance enjoys the competitive atmosphere and our ‘champions of the week’ love lifting the trophy. We record the results weekly in order to generate winners for the annual awards ceremony. 

Each winning resident received a certificate of achievement and a medal, with those who had participated all year receiving an award for their dedication to the activities. Our top winners this year were Pam, Janet and Pat, who all received an engraved plaque to keep. Congratulations to Pam, our overall winner, who received the champion trophy! 

The day was a great success, with all three floors getting involved and enjoying chocolate stars and bubbly.