Heads of Departments Become Dementia Champions

On Thursday 11th June, our heads of departments took part in a Dementia Friends session to learn more about dementia and what they could do to make a small difference in the lives of those living with the condition.

The sessions are engaging and interactive, providing knowledge through discussions and activities and our staff found it really helpful. It was a great session with afternoon tea and lots of information on offer to assist our heads of departments in not only understanding dementia more thoroughly but they also had the chance to commit to a dementia-friendly deed, turning their understanding into action.

Comprehending dementia and the way it affects those in our care will enable us to provide the very best support appropriate to each resident and their needs. We’re looking forward to hosting more sessions of this kind in the future so many more members of staff can become Dementia Champions and help to make a difference both at Woodland Manor and in their local community.