About us

Porthaven’s story began on the 29th April 2010 when our first care home opened in Cheshire and we welcomed our first resident to live well in our care.

From the beginning our aim has been to develop a small portfolio of remarkable homes where the care provided is accompanied by first-rate facilities, compassionate staff and a comfortable living environment. Our intention is for each and every one of our homes to be a place where our residents can feel safe, secure, valued and cared for. 

With twenty one homes, and more on the way, Porthaven has established itself as one of the leading care providers in the country. In 2022 we were awarded ‘Best Care Home Group over 10 Settings’ at the prestigious 24th National Care Awards for the exceptional level of care we provide our residents with 365 days a year.

Every one of our homes offers residential, nursing, dementia and short stay care provided by a team of well-trained and highly qualified individuals profoundly dedicated to, and concerned with, the welfare and happiness of every single resident in our care. This unique, person-centred approach to caring drives everything that we do at Porthaven.

We are extremely proud of our homes and the care we provide. If you are looking at care home options for yourself or a loved one then we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our homes so that you can see for yourself why so many people are choosing to live in a Porthaven home.

To discover more about any of our homes and what they can offer then please click here to send us a message. Individual home numbers can also be found on their webpages.

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We offer

  • High standards of residential, nursing and dementia care
  • Respectful, kind and caring engagement with every single resident
  • Strong and sustainable staffing levels
  • New homes combining practical features with comfortable and elegant design
  • 100% private single bedrooms with en suite wetrooms
  • Exquisite menus created by head chefs using well-sourced ingredients
  • Market leading activities and wellbeing programme for all our residents
  • Plentiful activities and events at all our homes
  • Responsive approach to residents and families’ suggestions
  • Homes where residents enjoy living and friends and families enjoy visiting