Activities and Wellbeing in our Care Homes

The World Health Organisation defines health as the ‘state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

When excellent care combines with good nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, well-being and contentment are promoted. This is what we wish to achieve for each and every Porthaven resident, and why we created our unique, and the UK’s first, activities and wellbeing framework for care home residents.

Activities and wellbeing in our homes is all about actively engaging with life. Wellness has become a priority in people’s lives and in the lifestyle choices made. At Porthaven we understand how important it is that our residents have every opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle and well-being that is of their choice.

Every Porthaven home has a dedicated team of Activities and Wellbeing Coordinators, who are qualified and skilled in how to understand active ageing and support every resident to make their activities and wellbeing choices.

Porthaven is an active and leading member of NAPA, the National Activity Providers Association, a registered charity devoted to promoting high quality activity provision for older people. NAPA champions the idea that activity and living life is at the heart of care. At Porthaven we really understand the growing awareness people have for their activities and wellbeing, and by working closely with NAPA, we offer a wide ranging programme of activities within the home and the local community, which nurtures a lifestyle for each resident that is meaningful and fulfilling.

We are truly proud of our activities and wellbeing programmes, not only reflected in the awards and competitions that we have won at national level, and the fundraising for many local and national charities that our residents and activities and wellbeing teams achieve throughout each year, but most importantly in seeing the difference we make to our residents’ lives.

If you would like to find out more about our innovative and inspirational activities and wellbeing programme, please call any of our homes and arrange for a visit at your convenience. Click here for a list of contact numbers or to send us a message.


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  • Adaptive Physical exercise: ways to stay moving.
  • Sensory Enrichment: ways to stimulate the senses.
  • Emotional belonging: ways to stay connected.
  • Spirituality: ways to connect with one’s identity and life story.
  • Creativity: ways to unlock experiences and develop talents.
  • Life-long Learning: ways to keep active socially and mentally.
  • Socials and Community Involvement: ways to bring generations of people together and forge links between the residents, families and local community.
  • Cultural: ways to maintain customs and traditions and learn about other cultures.
  • Home life: ways to nurture independence and a sense of ownership.