Creative Writing Classes a Success!

We have recently held a series of creative writing classes with published author, Joanna Barnard. Our residents had the opportunity to join in on discussions, listen to storytelling and poetry and write diaries or family histories. The classes have been so popular that it’s a tight squeeze to accommodate everyone who wants to join the sessions! One of the brilliant things to have come out of the classes is a collaborative poem titled, ‘Our Favourite Things’, which you can have a read of below!

Blue – the colour of clear skies and seaside
Ice cream that tingles and melts on the tongue
Beautiful scenery, well-tended gardens
A choir of voices lifted in song.

Growing – and sometimes receiving – flowers
Making lemon curd, jam and shortbread
A cup of tea, or a nice G&T
Watching TV lying cosy in bed.

The purrs, paws and claws, tummies and faces
Of furry friends present and past
We remember with love their affection and grace
From the first dog or cat to the treasured last.

Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren too
The friends we’ve loved, laughed with, and known
Their hugs and their stories, kisses and memories,
Remain in our hearts so we’re never alone.