Our (not so) ferocious new friend!

Friends of Deer Park Care Home in Ledbury will remember that a few months ago we welcomed our wonderful housekeeper Sharon’s pet bearded dragon into our home for our residents to name, with the winning name being Delilah. In April, Sharon and Delilah returned with a new addition to the family – Delilah’s son!

Our residents were thrilled to learn that Delilah had become a mother, and Sharon once again invited everybody to put their name suggestions into a hat. After some brainstorming, our Deputy Manager Bev pulled out the winning name…Larry! Everybody loved this new name, and it was even more exciting that this name had been suggested by our marvellous resident Jean as it was also her birthday! We are all incredibly excited to watch Larry grow, and we look forward to welcoming Delilah and her son back soon.