Residents Delighted by Hatching Ducklings

In April we were thrilled to take ownership of a handful of duck eggs, incubating them to keep them warm whilst we waited for them to hatch. We watched avidly while the ducklings hatched and really enjoyed seeing them fluff up and start to grow – they become something of an attraction in our bistro as our residents loved watching them and they didn’t mind our endless cuddles either! 

We made sure to take them to the rooms of residents who couldn’t come along to see them and they really did melt our hearts. It was a brilliant opportunity to nurture these new-borns, watching as they waddled around, took their first swim and it was lovely to see our residents sitting contentedly with a duck or two asleep in their laps. 

The ducklings were with us for 10 days and although we were sad to see them go, it was such a hit with our residents, it’s something we’ll definitely be doing again in the future.