Great Train Robbery Memorabilia Goes On Show

Photos and memorabilia from the infamous Great Train Robbery were on display at Penhurst Gardens for residents, staff and visitors to browse.

The items from the train robbery were kept by Ch. Supt Malcolm Fewtrell, who led the investigations in 1963 and his granddaughter gave permission for them to be displayed at the home. Pieces on display included a collection of photos from the crime scene, showing money hidden away in walls and suitcases and mugshots of the criminals involved in the heist, including infamous fugitive, Ronnie Biggs.

The robbery, which saw fifteen men steal £2.6m from the Glasgow to London mail train, captivated the general public at the time. Many of our residents, staff and visitors were able to recall the furore created by the crime due to its scale so the exhibition proved to be a brilliant discussion point for people to reminisce about their thoughts and feelings on the well-publicised case.

As well as being able to view these items, which have been preserved for over 50 years, we were invited to listen to a talk about the robbery after spending some time browsing the treasured collection.