Penhurst Gardens Is a Shortlisted Home at NAPA Awards

This year, as part of NAPA’s ‘Year of the Arts’, we have been focussed on celebrating and recognising how vital the arts are to our residents and their physical and emotional wellbeing.
We entered into NAPA’s ‘Best Year of the Arts Care Setting’ Award by submitting five different art projects, detailing what we did in each project and how our residents benefitted from participating in this art form. As part of our entry, we held a pottery class, an art class in which residents painted, a ballet performance, a poetry recital by our volunteer, Bernard, and a live art session.
Art encompasses many different forms and we tried to participate in a variety of mediums so our residents could perhaps try something they were unfamiliar with or take part in a session that they knew they already enjoyed.
Following months of hard work and organisation, from planning these sessions to writing our submission for NAPA, we were delighted to be shortlisted by the association as a care home showing best practice. Our residents have enjoyed the last few months and the emphasis on art throughout the home and we will continue to enjoy plenty of artistic sessions on a regular basis.