Amazing animal friendships

Here at Prestbury House, we are regularly visited by our friends from Inspiring Animal Therapy, who always bring a smile to our faces. Led by dynamic duo Lilo and Nellie the dachshunds, the team always bring with them a number of feathered friends and, most recently, two lovely baby lambs. With their tails wagging, Lilo and Nellie spread love and laughter wherever they go and are always ready for a good cuddle. The chickens are always a great source of amusement, whether they’re pecking in search of treats or ruffling their feathers as they settle down for some attention! As for the lambs, it has been a joy for us all to get the opportunity to bottle-feed these sweet creatures and watch them find their footing as they bound about our home. For many of our residents, these visits spark memories of growing up around these animals, which promotes plenty of interesting conversations as well as bringing an extra sense of comfort and companionship. The joy found in the presence of these remarkable animals never fails to amaze us, and we are incredibly grateful to the team at Inspiring Animal Therapy for their time.