Porthaven Christmas Cake Competition Winners!

As anyone who knows Savernake View will know, our head chef Ilona and her team are extremely talented, always coming up with fresh and creative ideas for residents’ mealtimes and the other events that we host here. They have won many accolades already and we’re delighted to say they’ve recently added another to the collection when they won the ‘Catering Team’ award at the Porthaven 2020 Christmas Cake Competition for their brilliant festive creation.

Pictured is the overall creation, a series of cakes making up a festive scene, which impressed the judges and won the sought-after accolade. Well done to the team for not only coming up with such a novel idea but for making the idea come to life, all for the enjoyment of residents and staff.

Whilst the cakes looked incredible, they were also very tasty and we all enjoyed sampling the handiwork of our catering team.