Residents Reflect on VE Day

The 75th anniversary of VE Day took place on 8th May and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to commemorate such a special occasion, one which had an impact on so many of our residents in their formative years.
Due to the current lockdown measures, we put together a ‘mobile museum’ displaying a fantastic array of items which were associated with the Second World War. The trolley featured an evacuee’s suitcase with ration books, kit bags and photos inside. There were letters from a soldier to his family, bullet shells and a helmet as well as books and pictures to look at.
We went from room to room so every resident could take a look at the trolley and it was a great conversation starter, encouraging residents to share their stories and memories of the day and their lives during the war years. One of our residents, upon seeing the kit bag, could remember their brother coming through the door and dropping his kit bag on the floor before giving his family hugs and kisses. Other residents spoke about being evacuated, or hiding under beds and tables during a bombing or of fathers being held as prisoners of war. The trolley proved to be a real talking point for anyone who saw it.