Art project with Little Apples Nursery

During the last visit from Little Apples Nursery we finished our intergenerational art project with them. The week before, the residents painted their hands before printing them onto a large canvas in green, blue, red and yellow paints before helping the children do the same in purple, pink and orange. This was a lovely bonding session for the residents and children and both parties said how much they enjoyed the painting and the collaboration between the two establishments.

This is the first of many projects we will be doing with the children from Little Apples Nursery. Future plans in the pipeline include a pen pal project and a choir. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the nursery over the years, it is extremely beneficial for both the adults and the children. The children are at first shy with the residents but over the last few months, they have really warmed up to them. The residents love it when the children visit – some have commented that it makes them feel happy and livelier when they see the children running around having fun. We look forward to future visits!