Head Chef Nominated for Prestigious Nutrition and Hydration Award!

Congratulations to our brilliant head chef, Matt Tuffin, who has been nominated for the Nutrition and Hydration award at this year’s Gloucestershire Care Providers Association Care Awards.
Matt was nominated for this prestigious award by our home manager, Kim, in recognition of the enormous contribution he makes to the nutritional health of our residents. Every resident has access to an appetising, dynamic menu, designed to suit every taste and need, thanks to Matt and his team.
Matt has worked with us since 2015 and is always open to the suggestions and requests that our residents make according to what they would like to see on our menu. As well as ensuring our residents have delicious, flavourful meals each day, Matt is also a dab hand when it comes to catering our events. If anyone has attended an occasion at the home, you will have seen just how much effort Matt puts into catering for an event, ensuring there is something for everyone.
The care awards will be held on Thursday 10th October in Gloucester and we’re excited to see if Matt comes away a winner as we know just how deserving he is.