Sharing a Legacy

In this issue of Porthaven Life, we are thrilled to announce the release of our Upton Mill book project: The Story of my Life. The idea behind the project was to provide our residents with an opportunity to share stories from their past in a safe and respectful setting.
The project began with interviews that took place over five days and there was a real buzz around the home as they were carried out. As conversation between friends started, more and more of our residents put themselves forward to take part and it was amazing to hear snippets of these conversations as the excitement grew. Whilst it isn’t complete yet, it is evident that this project really is something special and our residents are delighted with the results so far.
Our official book launch will take place soon, coinciding with the start of The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. The black-tie event will welcome our residents involved in the project with their families as guests of honour. We cannot wait to see the final book and feel so privileged to be able to help our residents in telling their amazing life stories.