Residents Cycle for Armed Forces Day Challenge

The Armed Forces were completing a ‘13 Bridge Challenge’ for Armed Forces Day so we decided to get involved too by using our Motiview system and joining in with the cycling challenge.

The Motiview bike is a revolutionary piece of equipment which allows our residents to pedal on a stationary bike and virtually cycling through a number of locations and landscapes. It’s a brilliant piece of equipment, encouraging our residents to physically achieve whatever they put their mind to no matter their limitations.

We found a list of bridges to choose from and each resident chose a bridge to complete. Each person rode for fifteen minutes, cycling towards or across the bridge, just as the Forces did in their own challenge. Everyone rode varying distances between 1.5 to 4.5 kilometres.

Some of the bridges chosen were Pretoria Bridge – Ontario, Clifton Suspensions Bridges – Bristol, Kurilpa in Queensland, the Transport Bridge in Newcastle and St Andrew’s Harbour.

It was a brilliant day and provided an interesting point of discussion as our residents talked about where they would be cycling and the places they had been to. Completing the challenge also encouraged everyone to discuss their personal experiences and connections to the Armed Forces. Well done to everyone who took part!