Wiltshire Heights Fashion House’s Debut Show!

Not long ago, our residents asked if they could put on a fashion show, whereby they’d present an outfit of their design and show it off to their friends and relatives during a fun event. We thought this was a brilliant idea and the fashion show was held on 26th October with residents and staff modelling the designs, which featured lace and a variety of embroidered embellishments. As every good designer knows, we needed to come up with a name for our brand and a logo too. It was agreed that we would call ourselves the ‘Wiltshire Heights Fashion House’ and as we’re located in Bradford on Avon which is sometimes shortened to ‘BOA’, it was suggested that our logo should be a boa constrictor. For the show, we teamed our creations with denim in aid of Alzheimer’s Support’s Denim 4 Dementia month and all proceeds from the show went to this worthy cause.