Best Specialist Dementia Design at Pinders Healthcare Design Awards!

Porthaven’s newly-opened Home, Falkland Grange, has recently received its first impressive plaudit after winning the ‘Best Specialist Dementia Design’ award at the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards.

We are thrilled with the judgement, not only for what it represents in terms of recognising the quality of environment we provide for our Residents and the effort that goes into this, but also because this is the very first time that Porthaven has entered the design awards.

Our Homes have long been deserving of recognition in this area, as making sure we get the design aspect right in turn ensures that our Residents can live well. Sean Kime, Commercial Director, oversees the whole design and build process for Porthaven and takes a great deal of pride in helping to create care homes that are not only practical and functional, but also warm, welcoming and stylish environments for our Residents and their family and friends. He said, ‘It is not a simple task to design a space that works practically for people living with dementia, and at the same time making it stylish or homely. We try to make the practical elements as discrete as possible so the first feeling you have when entering a room is that it is like home. For example, people living with dementia can lose the ability to see colour, so contrast becomes important to be able to separate different elements. The upholstered furniture therefore cannot have much pattern in the area that the resident needs to focus on to sit down, so we use a plain fabric for the seat cushion, arms and backrest, and then we pipe it in a contrasting colour to delineate the edges of the different parts. That enables anyone with restricted eyesight to pick out what they need to see to be able to hold on and sit down safely. We then utilise a little more pattern on the back of the chair and the pillows, and tie that in to the curtains and other decorative elements of the décor. The armchair looks stylish but is also practical for the residents.’

This is just one example of a very simple, but carefully thought out element of our dementia design and there are so many more at each of our Homes, and not just for our Residents living with dementia. At Porthaven, we are always striving to provide the very best care, in the very best environment that care home design has to offer. This accolade, and the numerous care industry awards and nominations we have received, demonstrate why people live well in our care. Call us to find out more.