One to One Activities Continue in the Sunshine

If you have visited our home, you’ll know just how lovely our garden is and how much pride we take in its upkeep. Thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve been having in recent weeks, we have been making the most of our garden, taking it in turns for a socially distanced walk or just to sit outside to soak up the sunshine.
Whilst we’ve been outside, we’ve been engaging in 1-1 activities too such as painting and jewellery-making which have proved to be very popular with our creatively-minded residents. Our residents also love gardening so have been helping to water and cultivate the garden as we prepare for the summer and continue to fulfil the requirements for our entry into the Porthaven Garden Challenge. All of this thirsty work called for a visit from an ice cream van so we could all enjoy a refreshing treat to cool off.
Additionally, we would like to extend our thanks to our local Waitrose team who very kindly donated a variety of confectionary items to us, all of which was very much appreciated by our staff who have been working tirelessly and our residents who have adapted so well to the lockdown measures. Thank you also to the Christian Eye Foundation who very generously gifted a whole host of Waitrose goodies to us too. We are very appreciative of the kindness and support of our local community and are humbled that they recognise the important work we are doing.