Wiltshire Heights’ Children in Need

For this year’s Children in Need, our home pulled together once more to raise money for this superb cause. 

As always, our leisure and wellness team dressed up for the occasion along with a few members of staff, livening up the afternoon and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Our residents Margaret and Joyce also worked tirelessly to create a brilliantly decorated trolley laden with cakes made by our chef and his team, which we took around the home so everyone could help themselves to a slice. 

Once everyone had enjoyed a sumptuous slice of cake, our team put on a show, singing ‘The Old House in Amsterdam’ and ‘There’s a Hole in my Bucket’, amongst others. The songs boosted the already warm and relaxed atmosphere making for a most enjoyable afternoon and we’re proud to have raised £50.35 to send off to Children in Need!